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BeInCrypto’s international editorial team works hard to cover global breaking news stories within the Web3 and crypto realm while creating engaging and trusted content with the purpose of educating our audience.

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Editorial Principles

We are a collaborative newsroom of talented journalists, writers and editors who discuss topics, trends, and hot news and organize the process of content creation.

Our mission

BeInCrypto is an unbiased news site that specializes in sharing the most accurate, up-to-date and trustworthy information so that our readers can make informed decisions.

The primary goal of BeInCrypto is to

inject transparency into an industry

rife with disingenuous reporting,

unlabelled sponsored articles, and

paid news masquerading as honest


Currently, our international team is composed of nearly 80 collaborators, among journalists, writers, and editors, spread over 13 different countries, working on creating unique, accurate and transparent news for our audience.

We create news that are

Accurate Unbiased Transparent Up-to-date Trustworthy Informative Accessible Reliable

for our audience

Editorial values

  • Acuracy


    We utilize well-respected data providers and fact-check sources to bring you information that’s updated daily across the pages of our site.

  • Objectivity


    We provide all the facts and accurate figures to enable the reader to make their own decision. We are fair, honest, reliable and unbiased.

  • Informative


    We ensure that each bit of information we share is clear, informative, accessible and easy to understand to all types of readers.

Trust Project

In 2021 BeInCrypto became officially the first crypto media publication to be recognized by the ‘Trust Project’ – a global non-profit organization that is helping to fight false information within the media.

In a world of social media, countless blogs, and opinions, this project brings clarity, insurance, and stability and wants to ensure you never read false news ever again.

BeInCrypto is among more than 250 news sites, including

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